Service Design Jam

GSJ 2013

[Missed the event? Re-live it with us through the tweets]

The Global Service Design Jam is nearly here and for the first time there will be a jam in Auckland, NZ. (Hamilton has played host to NZ’s only Service Design Jam for the last two years thanks to the team at Divergent.

The #GSJ is all about collaboration, experimentation and prototyping…in 48 hours we work together to conceive, prototype and communicate a service concept from the ground up. It’s a great opportunity to learn more about service design but the most valuable part of the jam is an opportunity to experiment with working in a rapid collaborative environment and jamming with people you’ve never met before.  We don’t know who’ll be there or how it will play out until we are in it – a dynamic, challenging and rewarding weekend. There will be around 100 different jams happening at the same time, from all of the continents across the globe. You don’t need to be a service designer, just being interested in getting involved and being open to new approaches is enough.

Join us at the Auckland event:

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Check the official site for more info on the concept behind the Global Service Jam as well as outputs from previous years.


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