Design is a kind of thinking and a set of tools and approaches that can be broadly applied to investigate, reflect and intervene and set new directions. I focus on the application of design approaches to increase and amplify social outcomes.

I combine a background in design, training and research to provide a range of participatory design consulting services including:

* helping organisations to take a collaborative and participatory approach to the design of organisational process, strategy, products and services with a focus on how key stakeholders (internal, external, community members) can be actively involved

* design and delivery of participatory design workshops

* design research programs and community and stakeholder engagement strategies

* strategic, participatory design and research consulting on design projects

* training, consulting and mentoring on design process and design research methods (drawing on participatory design, design thinking, user experience, interaction design, human computer interaction and agile techniques)

I work primarily in supporting the application of co-design and co-design teams in the health and social sector. My approach to design is grounded in the philosophy of participatory design and workshops and training sessions are visual, energetic, proactive and participatory.

Examples of recent projects are provided below, please also see my Linkedin Profile for background and recommendations:

Auckland Council Community Empowerment Unit (2016) Design coaching and strategy support for development of public amenities for rough sleepers (ongoing)

Auckland Council Community Empowerment Unit (2016) Design coaching and support of cross agency, NGO and community prototyping project into supporting primary prevention of family violence: Report and tools available.

COLAB, Auckland University of Technology (2016) Supporting the development of a proposal and curriculum for a Masters of Social Innovation – Now launched – Commencing July 2017.

Auckland Regional Public Health Service (2016) Design and delivery of co-design workshop into supporting TupuTahi Child health collective impact project

Redrollers and Design Transformation Office, Australia (2016) Supporting Redrollers in user research and mapping of super service for carers across Australia

Unicef NZ (2016) Workshop design and delivery to support the development of the Unicef Kids Power project 

Healthy Families – Manukau, Papakura, Manurewa (2016) Supporting the development and delivery of co-design training for Health Families teams

Auckland Co-design Lab (2015/16) Supporting a cross agency co-design team on the “Attitude challenge” working with and exploring the experiences of young people and employers in South Auckland to better support youth employment. Report Available

WorldVision NZ (2015) Design coaching and support for internal design transformation process

The Treasury, New Zealand Government (2015) Two day Design & Policy Master Class, a collaboration with treasury and other designer strategistS to explore the potential for design and policy in NZ 

Community and Social Policy Team, Auckland Council – (2015) Design Jam to introduce design and explore the intersection of design and policy

Innovate Change, Healthy Families (2015) Supporting the design and delivery of co-design and social innovation training and workforce development for Health Families NZ

Innovate Change, Counties Manukau DHB and East Health (2015) Supporting the co-design and development of a social marketing campaign to support people managing long term conditions

Auckland District Health Board (ADHB)  (2014) Providing co-design consulting and support to the Service Improvement team at Auckland City hospital for their co-design of Public Spaces project.

MidCentral District Health Board (MDCDHB) (2014) Collaborating with Innovate Change to design and deliver multi-stakeholder co-design workshops to support the development of a unifying Health Vision and Charter for the district.

National Centre of Indigenous Excellence (2014) Consulting with the Indigenous Digital Excellence (IDX) team on strategic planning, workshop design and co-design programs.

Digital Arts Network (2014) Collaborating with the internal team to develop and extend the agency’s digital design methodology. Includes the development of collaborative design tools, guides and training.

Ministry of Health (2013) Collaborating with Innovate Change to design and deliver a multi-stakeholder design workshop to identify key initiatives for New Zealand’s next National Drug Policy.

Community Action Youth and Drugs (2013) Working with Innovate Change to support the CAYAD team to incorporate program and service prototyping into their new program development.

Hurstville Library (2013) Collaborating with redrollers research in the design and delivery of a community co-design program to engage and involve the local community in the redesign of the Hurstville Library.

Auckland University of Technology Library (2012) Working closely with the Library Executive team to develop a library-wide  framework for the adoption of user-centered and participatory approaches to service design and the exploration of  the “Library of the Future”. Included the design and delivery of hands-on co-design workshops for all library staff introducing user centred service design methods and research techniques.

Australian Federated of Aids Organisations (2012)  The development of participatory design research and workshops to enable the involvement of Australian men in the co-design of future HIV testing services, working in collaboration with Redrollers Research.

Young and Well Collaborative Research Centre (2012) Development of a Framework and Guide for the Participatory Design of Online Youth Mental Health Promotion Interventions.

Inspire Foundation (2011) Development and delivery of co-design and prototyping workshops leading to the creation of the new Service Strategy for NextGen Included consulting on appropriate methods to articulate, visualise, test and share the strategy with internal and external stakeholders.

Change Agents (2011) Design and Facilitation of participatory design workshop with cross section of local design community, delivery of road map for Change Agents project to better support sustainable design practices in Australia (documented on the Change Agents Blog)

Object Gallery (2010) Participatory Workshop Design with a range of Educators: How to bring Design Thinking into primary schools

Inspire Foundation (2010) Participatory Workshop Design: Supporting the participatory development of a campaign for and by young people to promote social cohesion

Vodafone (2010) Design of Mobile Diary research project and strategic support in the development of internal design research (codesign) workshops to integrate research into organisation through personas and scenarios (in collaboration with Redrollers Research)

Westpac (2010) Design of Mobile Diary research project (in collaboration with Redrollers Research)

Cancer Institute of NSW (2010) Stakeholder Engagement/Strategy for Online services (in collaboration with zumio)

Inspire Digital (2010) Stakeholder engagement (Design of Participatory co-design workshops)

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