Here you can find resources and Tools developed for my Workshops and Master Classes

Design Research Primer – preparing for design research

Design Research Primer

Developed to provide an overview and primer for design research. Use to support/facilitate conversations within teams about different approaches, to clarify the objectives and intent, and to explore the design researchers responsibility and obligation to participants.


Scenarios and Personas in participatory work

Personas_Scenario Primer 

Scenarios and personas can be used in a myriad of ways to support participatory work. Here is a quick guide to some of the ways they can be applied to support co-design processes, particular within health and social settings where topics may be sensitive.



Updated 2015 – Codesign Workshop Technique Cards

Contains a set of prompts you can use when designing co-design workshop activities

These methods have been converged and derived from many different sources over the last 10 years, if you want to know specifics of originas of any particular method please get in touch.


BusStop – Designing Co-design Workshops – D4SI15

Delivered in Sydney, Perth and Adelaide for Design 4 Social Innovation 15

Busstop HandOut: Co-design Workshop & Method-cards


Master Class – Building Organisational Co-design Capability

View the Presentation: Taking the Next Step: Building Organisational Co-design Capability
Download the Handout: Building Co-design Capability
Delivered at 
Design 4 Social Innovation Conference, Sydney, October 2013

Designing Co-Design Workshops – Tools and Techniques for Designing with Users.

Resources from my training workshops on Designing Co-design Workshops can be found below.  These resources have been developed in collaboration with Natalie Rowland (, Grant Young (Zumio) and Stephen McKernon (

Designing Co-Design Workshops Slides
Guide to Framing Planning Designing
Tips and References for running Co-design Workshops

Many of the references in that list can be also found on this post on Co-design Workshop Resources

You might also be interested in the post on Design Frameworks and Toolkits

Please feel free to suggest more additions to these lists.


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