#NzGather 2012

Collaborative Drawing

Last Saturday was the annual Gather event (previously known as Barcamp). Organised by @ludwigw Gather is an unconference of 275 attendees from all over NZ – largely hailing from the tech/design industries. I spoke alongside @rowansimpson and @Avon as part of the Gather en Masse keynote session but the day proper is made up of sessions nominated and delivered by attendees themselves. I very much enjoyed @haunanipao’s talk on UX and Agile and @wigsgiw’s session on ownership and ethics surrounding bank data. The impromptu session on the lack of women in tech (and what we can do about it) was also great, very well attended and produced what seemed to be some fairly concrete outcomes.

I also had the pleasure of being part of a great session by the @shift_nz crew titled: “We love bikes”. In this session 5 amazing and very different proposals for creating a safe, comfortable, happy biking future for Auckland were collaboratively developed by attendees.  A true demonstration of the power of collective creativity and whats possible in just 40 minutes.

Presenting back the Human Technology Transport  Protocol
Tweets from the day Storified after the jump.



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