Participatory Design Conference 2012

Image of workshop techniques by Karin Slegers

Image by Karin Slegers' of their workshop at PDC 2012

Last week the 12th Participatory Design conferencewas held in Roskilde, Denmark. Participatory Design conferences have been taking place since 1990. As with previous years the papers presented at this years conference continue to reflect the evolution of PD principles and practices into spaces well beyond its origins in Scandanavian workplaces including, for example, PD for Well Being in China, PD in Latino Pop Culture and Aging Care. This year also had an amazing array of workshops on topics such as PD and Actor Network Theory, PD of Business Models, PD for Users with Impairments and Prototyping Services. Check out the program for more details, even better, watch the videos, or check out the tweet stream.

I wasn’t able to attend this year but happily @kittyrahilly of the Inspire Foundation presented a paper on behalf of myself and Mariesa Nicholas “Using participatory design methods to engage the uninterested”  which details some of the co-design workshop techniques used in the redesign of The next PDC will be in 2014 in Windhoek, Namibia, see you there!



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