A collation of posts from the 11th Participatory Design Conference

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The full week of fabulous workshops, tutorials and presentations that made up the 11th Participatory Design Conference 2010 at the beginning of this month (December) is already somewhat of a blur of great people, insights & presentations. I hoped to provide a summary of my own, but alas the thesis called – instead I’ve collated some fabulous insights by others who not only attended and contributed but who also managed to share their experiences  Thanks again to all those who came and participated and thanks to the following authors (esp. @malbooth ) for sharing your thoughts.

Author: Yoko Akama
Title: Participatory Design Conference, Sydney 2010
Just came back from a pretty intense but enjoyable PD conference in Sydney. I was really struck by the strong sense of ‘community’ and how people were very supportive of one another…

Author: Mal Booth
Title: Participatory service design
These are some notes from some sessions at Industry Day of the Participatory Design Conference, held for the first time ever in the Southern Hemisphere at UTS 28 November to 3 December 2010…

Author: Mal Booth
Title: More notes from PDC 2010: Composing Collaborative Communities
Collabforge work mainly for the government sector and they’ve made a lot of progress re gov2.0 and in stakeholder engagement
. In fact I think they’ve made more progress in that respect than any bureaucracy that I’ve ever experienced or could imagine..

Author: Mal Booth
Title: Even more from PDC 2010: Release early: Release often strategy
DE’s Tools: human-centred design, PD, agile & ethnographic research…

Author: Mal Booth
Title: PDC 2010: Participation Frameworks in Service Design & Delivery
(A run down of the service design panel)

Author: @jacwex
Title: Co-design Workshop Method
I have been attending PDC 2010 the last few days i.e. a conference about participatory design in Sydney. It has been very interesting so far…both the lectures as well as the hall way conversations between a well represented international audience…

Author: Faruk Avdi
Title: Participatory Design Meets Service Design
Here is the text of my responses to questions graciously set by Jeanette Blomberg for today’s industry panel at PDC Sydney 2010. ..

Author: Allison Earl
Title: The Art of Participatory Design
(about the accompanying art show)
PDC 2010 poses the challenge of participation; it asks us to consider how we conceptualise, critque and work  with participation, and how we engage meaningfully with people, places and situations…


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