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Sketchnotes by @bencrothers


I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to present some aspects of my Phd research at this weeks Design Thinking Drinks in Sydney. Above is one of the  awesome sketchnotes that @bencrothers did of my talk, it also captures some of the questions and discussion.  I’ll put up the slides shortly, hopefully with notes. In the meantime, enjoy  @bencrothers ‘ take on it – sketchnoting is cool for lots of reasons, but as a presenter you get a real sense for what stood out which is fantastic, and how people interpreted what you are saying. I think all researchers should seek out some one like Ben to sketchnote their talks, – gives a completely different perspective on your #phd and research to a standard conference review – So big thanks @bencrothers !

The presentation shared some of the highlights and questions from my research into social technologies, participation and design. I shared the bill with Dave Gravina (@deskimo) and the awesome team at Digital Eskimo who hosted the event and put on an amazing interactive night showcasing their case studies throughout their eco-designed studio. (Check out the photos on Flickr). As I mentioned on the night it’s pretty rare as a “PhD student” to get the opportunity to share your work at industry events and I really appreciated the opportunity to get people’s questions, thoughts and feedback and see where the discussion lead – especially as my research is intended as practice-led research that has value to industry as well as academia. So good to test that out! Big thanks to all the people who came, listened and contributed to the questions and discussion, and especially to Deborah Kneeshaw, Opher Yom-Tov and Diana Adrono for organisating and DE for hosting.


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