Developing’s Future Service Strategy

[edit: the slides have been temporarily removed – back up as soon as possible! apologies]
The slides are up from our recent presentation at Ozchi in early December. “Developing’s Future Strategy: A case study in user centred design methods to marry user led and public health program development approaches”. (I say “our” but Kitty and Mim did all the work pulling the pres together I think!). It presents a case study on how user-centred and participatory design methodologies helped bring young people and mental health professionals together to create the future service strategy of Inspires online youth mental health service, ReachOut.

One of the reasons I love working with Inspire is that their approach is inherently participatory and young people play an active and influential role in all aspects of the organisation from governance and hiring to service design, delivery and evaluation. Everything they do is user-led and co-designed, but it is also evidence-based. This means that all design decisions are based on extensive research, integrated with and driven by clinical and social objectives, research, theories and knowledge and the impacts of services and interventions are continually evaluated and iterated over-time. The level of rigour in this presents a lot of design challenges, but is also hugely exciting and rewarding!

Big props to Kitty Rahilly who did a really fantastic job of presenting and representing and making available this annotated slide deck.


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