Enabling Codesign

sketches for designing workshop activities

Natalie Rowland and I have just published another article on UX Magazine Johnny Holland about Enabling Codesign. The article was inspired by a workshop on Codesign Methods I ran with Design Masters students at UTS earlier this year that shared some of the methods and facilitation work we do as designers to enable stakeholders to actively participate in the design process.

“The term co-design refers to a philosophical and political approach to design best applied throughout the design life cycle [1].  Codesign builds on the methods and principles of Participatory Design which assumes ‘users’ are the experts of their own domain and should be actively involved in the design process. This article explores some of the methodological tools we use to enable codesign. Specifically, we explore the rationale behind some common workshop techniques used early in the design process, which combine the activities of research and idea generation…” Read the rest of the article on Johnny Holland


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