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Design in the wild: PDC’10 Presentation


I’ve finally uploaded my presentation (with annotations) from last years Participatory Design Conference held in Sydney. The presentation (and paper) explores how social technologies both enable and demand new participatory approaches to designing with our future communities, which pushes design out of the studio and ‘into the wild’. A preprint of the paper is also available.


A Huge Thank You

completed thesis

The Changing Nature of Participation in Design: A practice-based study of social technologies in early design research

Penny Hagen
A thesis submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Computing Sciences
1st April 2011

Interaction Design and Human Practice Laboratory
School of Software, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology
University of Technology, Sydney

I can not express how pleased I am to have finally submitted my PhD thesis for examination. There are so many friends, family members, colleagues, participants, clients, researchers, tweeps, acquaintances and strangers whose words, thoughts, support and understanding were critical in the development (and most importantly the completion) of the thesis. To all of you, thank you so much. It really is finished this time.

I’ll be posting a link to the full Pdf shortly. [Edit – here is the link to download the thesis] Please find the in brief version (abstract) below.

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Mobile Diaries

Mobile Diary Reports

Natalie Rowland and I recently wrote an article for Johnny Holland outlining the Mobile Diary technique. I just wanted to briefly put this in context to my thesis research. In broad terms my thesis can be described as an investigation into social technologies, and the changing nature of participation and design in the context of social technologies. However the empirical research upon which my thesis is based, was the iterative design, evaluation and implementation into commercial practice of the Mobile Diary self-reporting method, that makes use of social technologies, such as mobile phones and blogs. Continue reading…

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