Introducing Personas and Scenarios

The highlight for last week was introducing 300 first year design students at UTS to the idea of personas and scenarios. The guest lecture was for the Researching Design Processes course being run by the fantastic Lizzie Muller.

Introduction to creating personas and scenarios

Introduction to creating personas and scenarios

There is a wealth of resources out there that explain how to create personas (and debate their value) – just check out this list on for some of them. What I needed though was a simple overview of how you go from user research to actually developing scenarios and personas. I just wanted to capture the essence of the process in a very accessible format for an audience who had never been through anything similar before. So I bashed out this quick sketch of the process, showing the various stages we go through.

I’m still waiting for the audio which will make the presentation a little more meaningful, but there are stil some slides that make sense sans v/o.


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