Design and Use: Tools and Trends in Design – talk @UTS

I’m giving a talk tomorrow as part of the UTS Design Masters –  Future Design Strategies lecture series. While it covers course material (this time Personas and Scenarios) it’s also open to the public. Feel free to come along.


Nudies (personas freestyle)

Title: Design and Use: Tools and Trends in Design

When:  Thursday, 10th September
Time:  6pm – 7pm
Venue: DAB Building, Rm 716  (That’s on the 7th Floor)

Design and use are inherently entwined. Questions about how people will be able to use and appropriate our designs sit at the centre of a human focused design process. This lecture will introduce Personas and Scenarios, two design methods that help connect us to the context of use during the design phase, and to the people who will use, wear, or live in our designs. Such tools help us to think through and communicate about design with users, clients and team members and this lecture will show examples of Personas and Scenarios being adapted to various contexts. Design tools that support collaborative exploration and communication between stakeholders are becoming more and more important as the nature  of design changes and traditional boundaries between design and use, and designer and user shift. This lecture will also touch on some of these emerging design spaces into which our existing tools are being adapted and extended.


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